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4 Gifts Only a Grandparent Can Give

As grandkids get older, gift giving can get a little harder — and a lot more GIFT.jpgexpensive. Once baby clothes, dolls and Hot Wheels are off the table however, grandparents have a unique opportunity to give their grandchildren, or even children, some truly meaningful gifts that don’t break the budget.

A Family Heirloom 
A family heirloom doesn’t necessarily mean expensive jewelry or a large piece of antique furniture. It can be everything from a vintage scarf for your fashionista granddaughter to an old copy of a classic novel for the family bookworm. These gifts carry a lot of sentimental value, but can still be tailored to fit each grandchild’s individual interests.

A Cookbook of Family Recipes
Most families have one or two recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. A lot of those recipes have been passed down on handwritten note cards. Compiling all the family favorites into one cookbook is a gift that is both meaningful and useful.

Family Albums
A lot of times, old family photos live with the grandparents. Creating a family tree using photos in an album or a piece of artwork is a truly unique gift that few grandparents think to give. For your grandchildren, this will serve as an important connection to the past for years to come.

Memoirs/Old Diaries
Copies of old journals, love letters or historical logs serve as incredibly meaningful gifts. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can write your own memories of family members past and present in a book, copy it and share those recorded memories with the family. To take that one step further, you could even use video or audio recordings to share those memories.

Sarah Riordan