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All-in-One Medicare Advantage Health Insurance Plans Include Part D Prescription Drug Coverage

Taking your prescribed medications is an important part of good health, but it can also be a big part of your overall healthcare costs.

As you explore your Medicare options, it is important to note that Original Medicare does not include prescription drug coverage. To add this benefit to Original Medicare, you would need to purchase a Part D Prescription Drug Plan from a private insurance company. Even if you also opt for a Medicare supplement plan to fill the gaps of Original Medicare, you would still need to purchase a separate Part D plan.

Fortunately you have another option. Medicare Advantage (MA) plans offer comprehensive coverage, including Part D coverage, in an all-in-one plan. With a Medicare Advantage plan, Part D coverage is included at no additional cost. Because of this and other cost-saving benefits, many people choose to join an MA plan.

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If you don’t currently take any prescription medication, you may be wondering if you even need Part D coverage. The thing is, if you decide not to get prescription drug coverage when you’re first eligible for Medicare, you’ll likely pay a late enrollment penalty with higher premiums for as long as you need the coverage. It is pretty common that as we age, it is more likely that we will need prescription drugs to help manage our health. So it important to consider these expenses as you plan ahead for future healthcare needs.

By signing up for a Medicare Advantage plan, you will get comprehensive medical and prescription drug coverage. Most MA plans offer all of this for as low as $0 monthly premium. It’s a great way to simplify coverage while saving on out-of-pocket costs.

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